How Do You Keep Fit To Ride?

Important Fitness For The Rider

How Do You Keep Fit To Ride?

we have a couple simple, at home, mini workouts we wanted to share

Although the horses are our primary focus here at EQ Custom, it's not always just our horses we want looking and feeling great, we are fully committed to the whole picture and that includes how we're feeling in our health and fitness as well! In order to perform our best for our horses, our health and fitness level is imperative to optimal performance. Look great, feel great, ride great, right?! I personally cant tell you how many times between the ring side nerves and maybe a small neglect of my own fitness away from riding I have felt exhausted or shaky... before, after and even during my rides.  So, I have found great value in my own personal fitness to keep me strong in all the right places for my riding and I wanted to share this with you.  

Some of you might attend a fitness facility regularly, which is wicked! But some of you may not have the time between riding and working full and we totally get that there are only so many hours in a day to accomplish everything.  But we have some super good and educated resources that we have consulted to come up with a couple highly effective "AT HOME", no equipment necessary excercises and/or workouts for a rider to keep moving and keep your muscles at their optimal for your performance in the tack and all do-able at home while you do the laundry!


4 Rounds - At Your Own Pace 

25 Air Squats (Your Body Weight)

25 Push Ups (Strict or On Knees)

25 Kick Backs (Each Leg)


Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Minutes                                                                                                                                                                               (once done, rest for the remainder of the 1 minute, start again when the new minute starts) 

In One Minute - Complete:

10 Jumping High Knees (as high as you can)

8 Sits Ups (Any Style You Want)

6 Super Mans (Lay on belly, lift alternating arm and legs off floor)

And to add a little more challenge, add in some planks - 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec and 60 sec.  Easy to do while you're sprawled out with some Netlfix after a good ride!

Overall, you cant argue the fact that when you improve your own fitness, your riding will improve!  So just a couple quick and easy ideas to keep you moving at home or at the barn to keep you strong for your horse in and out of the ring.

Happy Sweating!

- Natasha G


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