How much do you know about horses?

How much do you know about horses?

10 Interesting Horse Facts That We Bet You Didn’t Know!


We spend most of our time (and money lol) with these truly magnificent creatures.  Its pretty normal however that we forget how amazing they really are, so we took some time to dig up some super cool interesting facts about horses we figured you probably didn’t know…


1.       Did you know that horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal?  Those big gorgeous spectacles are literally an incredibly complex feature that play a very interesting role in their performance ability.  For so long, the details like color vision have been debated but it has been studied that a horse can even accurately judge distance at high rates of speed.  This makes sense after all, some of the worlds most incredible show jumpers are surely travelling quickly and prove this through their seemingly flawless agility at some seriously stout obstacles


2.       Did you know you can tell the difference between a Mare and a Gelding/Stallion based on the amount of teeth they have?  A Stallion/Gelding have 40 Teeth, whiles mares only have 36!  There is clearly an easier way to identify between the two but, this was interesting none the less.  Also, their teeth never stop growing!


3.       Did you know the fastest recorded speed of a galloping horse was 88 Km/Hr?  The average horse gallops at only 44Km/Hr.  Any takers on riding that?


4.       Did you know that a horse produces approximately 10 gallons of saliva a day?  This is the equivalent to 35,000 drops of water.  Speaking of water, we will squeeze another one in…the average horse drinks 25 Gallons of water per day!


5.       Did you know a horse does not have the ability to breathe through its mouth?  They are called “Obligate Nasal Breathers”


6.       Did you know that a horse has 16 muscles in the ear?  These muscles combined are what allow the horses ears to rotate 180 degrees


7.       Did you know that if you want to know if your horse is cold or not, if you feel behind their ears and this area is cold, this means your horse is cold?


8.       Did you know the oldest horse in history was 62 years old?  His name was Old Billy and he was born in England in 1760.  He was said to be brown with a white blaze and he was a full time cart horse.


9.       Did you know the smallest horse in history was a 14inch pony from New Hampshire named Einstein?  Yep its true!


10.   Did you know that the horses closest relative is the Rhino?  Maybe unicorns are real…




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