Stay Fueled

Some great, easy and no prep snack ideas for the horse show

Stay Fueled

Horse Show Fuel


So this post is probably highly influenced by the fact that I woke up starving, the weather was gorgeous and going to be hot today and I have a lot of fellow friends at the horse show and I wondered what everyone was eating!? (lol)


The reality is, most of you probably don’t eat in the morning at all.  You probably get up, get dressed, hit the outhouse or bathroom a few times, prepare your horse, get your round done and then you’re starving.  Am I right?  We all do it, and its what’s natural to hit the bathroom a few times before because our nerves are on fire.  It might help though, to eat something filling and satisfying before the nerves hit, or at least in an attempt to supress them.  So good, fueling snacks are very important and good food in your belly is a necessity to your performance, so good snacks are imperative and its easy to forget to eat in the midst of all the action.  So I wanted to share my favorite easy snacks.  Here’s a few quick and easy no-prep, no hassle, non time consuming and filling snacks to keep you fueled!


My Top 5 Quick & Easy Snack Ideas


·       Apples and Peanut Butter: a quick snack and a delicious one too!  Apples give you a good source of carbohydrates and the peanut butter gives you some necessary protein to keep your belly at bay while you’re busy throughout the day.

·       Tuna Salad on Crackers:  Tuna is a great protein (if you like it!)

·       Hummus and Carrots:  Or any veggies work...Hummus is a protein packed dip, so same as the peanut butter, it’s a great filling snack and takes nothing to get it ready.

·       Trail Mix:  A handful of nuts and dried fruits are a delicious mixture of sweet and salty and it keeps your body motivated to stay hydrated

·       Rice Crackers and Laughing Cow Cheese:  I think this is my all time favorite, probably because I love cheese so much and its quick and easy to get in my belly in between rounds. 


The biggest secret though?  Eating enough to stay fueled, staying hydrated and eating the right snacks that keep you satisfied and feeding your body to perform the best.  Eat something with protein in the morning before you go to the show, even if your tummy is not feeling it.  It’s going to feel better going in with a full stomach, so your body isn’t fighting nerves and hunger at the same time and keep following p with some good nutritional snacks throughout the day.  You are what you eat after all, so if you’re eating the fuel you will be the fuel in the ring!


Please share and comment your favorite and filling horse show snacks so we can all indulge!


Happy Showing! Stay Fueled!


Natasha G


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