Trainer & Farm Feature: Georgia Hunt of Hunt Equestrian

Georgia Hunt of Hunt Equestrian

Trainer & Farm Feature: Georgia Hunt of Hunt Equestrian

Georgia Hunt

Hunt Equestrian, Duncan BC




Are you ready to meet another one of our amazing riders and trainers?  We are very excited to share this post with you because we are over the moon to have Georgia Hunt on our team.  She is one of the most down to earth and fun people we get to support and getting to know her has been such a pleasure for us we have no doubt you are going to enjoy getting to know her too. 


Tell us about Hunt Equestrian


Hunt Equestrian Inc. began in 2015 when I left my long-term job at Foxstone Stable to move back home to Calgary in order to spend more time with and help my terminally ill father.  I was very fortunate to have a few lovely sales horses with me to keep me riding, and in turn created my own business as a platform for my sales.  I returned to the island in 2016, and started a new adventure as the owner, manager, and head trainer/rider of Foxstone Stable where I had previously worked for 14 years. My already established incorporation Hunt Equestrian Inc. bought the business “Foxstone Stable”, and I kind of just kept running with both logos etc. Hunt Equestrian now more represents the sales portion of our endeavors.


What is it that you love the most about your career as a rider and trainer?


I feel extremely fortunate to have such an amazing team of people and horses surrounding and supporting me.  I am so lucky to have turned my passion into my career, and to have the privilege of riding and working with these amazing animals every day.  I think I love watching the horses and my riders progress and achieve their personal goals best of all. There is nothing more rewarding than having a goal to work hard towards, putting in the hours, sweat, and tears, and coming out on top of a field of people hoping to achieve the same honor. Even when we are not winning, we are learning and ticking off goals and “first times” as we go.


What is your biggest challenge as a rider?  What are you always working on to improve?


I would say my biggest challenge as a rider is confidence. I am always confident in my horses abilities, and have yet to over face a horse to a point where they lose confidence or stop which is a positive in itself.  However, I find in our sport, it’s easy to get caught up listening to the comments or opinions of others, or to watch and compare yourself to someone else you feel has surpassed you based on little or no information on what their goals or struggles have been.  It’s not a race, and we all have our own personal victories along the way!  I try to remind myself of this on the days I feel I am not riding up to my abilities, or when things aren’t lining up the way I had hoped.  When I am well organized and feel confident… I feel like I can accomplish anything!


What piece of tack can you not live without? 


The piece of tack I cannot live without is pony length reins! I hate when the bit of my reins hangs mid-way down the shoulder.  I often ride petite horses, and long reins drive me crazy.  I usually even have a few inches shortened off the end of my standard-length reins.  Luckily…my favorite Antares reins are the perfect length and the nicest to hold on to!


Why Antares for you?


Antares is my favorite company, as I find the tack great quality, and very classically elegant.  My saddles and accessories are extremely comfortable, versatile, and attractive! Foremost, I love the customer service, and that everyone is always happy to try to accommodate the needs of myself, my horses, and my clients.


What qualities do you look for in a young horse?


The biggest quality I could hope or look for in a young horse is a good brain.  For the hunter ring, I love a horse with a beautiful expression, and a beautiful expression comes from a horse who is willing and comfortable with their job.  I try to expose our youngsters to as many different places and situations as possible to educate them as best I can before they are competing.


Tell us about an exciting young horse you have coming up?


I am very fortunate to have a few exciting young horses coming up right now!  I’m most excited about our new 5 year old mare InfoStar.  “Wizzle” is an extremely careful, scopey and talented grey mare who I am very excited to have the opportunity to develop…and hopefully keep for myself!  In the long term, I am also looking forward to my foal who is due in May.  The breeding is: I’m Special De Muze x Hamlet (Hicksteads sire)… I can’t wait to meet this foal, and see what the future has in store for us and a few older homebreds I have coming along!


Tell us about one of your exciting/feature sales horses!


One of my most exciting sales horses is my 8 year old mare All Faith MF. She is a really beautiful and typey jumper who tries her heart out at every fence! She is gaining some miles in the 1.40m and 1.45m jumpers, and I must say…I won’t be that sad if it takes a while to sell her!  My most exciting hunter is a 7 year old gelding The Great Gatsby.  He is going to be a blast in the derbies and is going to make some child or amateur very happy.


Who are your top mentors/coaches? 


I have been lucky enough to work with many top mentors and coaches.  My longest term and most influential mentor was Norah Ross.  She taught me to be meticulous in my stable management, horsemanship, and all aspects of the business.  Gail Greenough has been a huge supporter of my career, and has helped me continue to move forwards in many ways.  She was also kind enough to open many doors and connections to top industry professionals who are happy to offer advice and teach me when our schedules coincide.  I have gained so much from lessons, clinics, and encouragement from friends and mentors such as Richard Spooner, Jill Henselwood, Chris Surbey, Lizzie Gingras, and so many others to list!  Aside from great mentors, I have had an amazing group of supporters through our Syndicate “Foxstone Venture”.  I am very grateful for all the opportunities all of these great people have allowed me to have.


What are your personal riding goals and aspirations?


My personal riding goals are always changing.  I spent many years only focusing on wanting to ride and be accomplished at the Grand Prix level, but in being so one track minded, I was not allowing myself to be happy enough with all the other successes I was having while working my way up to that goal.  As much as I still strive to have horses who can help me gain miles in the bigger rings, I am equally as happy to find, breed, and develop nice horses for all rings.  I really enjoy having the opportunity to buy and sell a variety of horses, as I believe they all have something to teach us…and when the right one comes along, it will be my time to move onwards towards some bigger goals.



A big thanks to Georgia for being on our team, we are very proud to play a part in your journey!


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