What To Expect With Your New Saddle

What To Expect With Your New Saddle

EQ Custom’s Top 5 Things To Expect With A New Saddle


If you’re expecting your new saddle in the next few months, there are a few exciting and important things we want to you to know and be prepared for: 


1.       NOSE CANDY When you open the box, the aroma of new and freshly oiled French leather is going to overwhelm your senses.  Truly, Antares has the best smelling leather on the market.  We personally can’t wait for you to experience this nose candy.  Your saddle will come in a perfectly packed box from Antares in France, your saddle will be in a stunning saddle cover and till be brilliantly bubble wrapped and a package of leather care will eager await you at the bottom of the box.

2.       LIKE NEW SHOES: Your new saddle, although its going to smell and look outrageously beautiful out of the box, it is fair to expect, for some, that it is not going to feel as beautiful as it looks on ride one, or maybe even on ride two or three.  We think its reasonable to compare it to breaking in a very very nice new pair of shoes.  It is going to take some time for it to “butter up” and not only do we fully empathize with you in the process, we promise you it is going to feel like your very own custom molded saddle in no time with a little patient time in the saddle.  A trick:  take your flaps and roll them, that’s right, roll them like you would roll a piece of paper into a telescope, this will help the break in process immensely

3.       LIKE MAGIC: When you take it out of the box and your nail glides across the saddle in innocent excitement of unpacking your brand new saddle you’ve been waiting so impatiently for, don’t panic when you see a small discolored mark, just give it a loving rub with the soft side of your finger and it will disappear like magic.  We’ve all done this especially when we put our new stirrups on for the first time 

4.       BUSTED!  Your saddle is going to come perfectly pre-oiled, so after your first ride in a light pair of breeches, expect some obvious evidence on your pants…if you were keeping this new “from me to me” present a secret, we suggest a dark pair of breeches for the first while to entirely avoid any such evidence…or we just want you to save your favorite riding pants with permanent stains from the oil and dye from the leather.  This also applies to any new or show worthy white or light colored saddle pads. 

5.       MOLD ME: If you have ordered a full custom saddle, we suggest riding for the first month in a simple saddle pad and no half pads or gel pads, unless otherwise suggested by your rep.  The first month is crucial to your saddle having a chance to not only mold perfectly to your hinny, but also very important for the saddle to have a chance to settle to your horses back.  As with anything brand new (and having made a trek across countries to get to you, stuffed although carefully into a box!) things are stiff, and need a good opportunity to warm up and mold.  Don’t panic if you horse gets a bit sweaty and you see the residue on your panels, this is perfectly normal and actually, ideal! 


Whomever you are lucky enough to have serving you in your area as your representative, be sure to let them know your saddle has arrived and if you have any questions please contact them.


Congratulations, we’re sure glad your on Team Blue! We like to think we're a pretty rad bunch here!


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What To Expect With Your New Saddle

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