Who's Behind The EQ Blog?

Who's Behind The EQ Blog?

Harlie&Me (2).jpgWho’s Behind the EQ Blog?


Well guys, it's Natasha Goodship here.  I have been working with EQ Custom Products for some time now, and I was thrilled when asked to be apart of the company in this way.  Where I could be behind the screen engaging with our wonderful world of clientele and potential clientele.  And I very much enjoy writing, so this was an exciting adventure for me.  However, a self introduction is truly not going to be my best work but as I am working on putting together some fun intros to our awesome team with EQ, and I figured I would treat this intro no different and answer a series of fun questions just as they will.  So here it goes…


Where are you from?  When did you fall in love with horses?


I am originally from Kingston, ON.  I lived in Ontario until 2006 when my heart, literally, brought me out to Alberta. 


I can’t even remember a day when I wasn’t in love with horses. The story goes that my mother brought me swaddled into a pasture of horses a few days after coming home from the hospital and the horses gathered and I giggled and that was that.  She knew she was in for it!


How long have you been with Antares?


I originally started working with EQ Custom Products / Antares in July 2015 and worked at the Alberta Representative for sales while I was finishing up my program in Business at Red Deer College.  Once I was done my program, I ended up getting a position in law enforcement and took a different route but was always on the tailwind of working with EQ and never officially left.  I have recently been blogging here for EQ and I am loving it.  I still currently work in law enforcement as a dispatcher. 


What’s your favorite things about working with Antares?


Truly, there are too many things to list.  Antares is not only a company that truly takes quality seriously, but it also takes a very sought after no pressure approach and I appreciate that a lot.  I know as a customer there is nothing I despise most than a pushy salesman.  Antares truly desires clients who want to be with them and they go above and beyond to make their clients happy and the not to mention, the fitting customizations and options are second to none, truly not another company competes with this. 


What’s your favorite piece of tack that you can’t live without?


Well it goes without saying that I am going to say my saddle lol  Just kidding.  Honestly, I adore my comfort girth so much.  The ergonomic design really changes things for my horse.  I am used to riding such fresh horses who come out a little hot off the press and I loved the freedom the comfort girth gave her.  I noticed a difference in her warm up, her movement was more available and supple.  I will never go back to a standard girth style.


What model of Antares do you ride in and why?


I ride in a Contact model.  The Contact is my go to, as a rider and as a fitter.  We all have our favorites.  My saddle is a wide tree Contact and it is full calfskin leather.  Totally gorgeous.  It works for my horse because she is a wide, thick backed horse who needs a saddle that sits close to her.  She’s a bascule mover in everything she does, so something that hugged her was essential.  The Contact does just that!  A lovely close feel, a simple panel and a wide tree were the perfect combination for her. 


Tell us about your favorite childhood horse or horse story!


I am fortunate to have lots of good stories but in light of this snow, it reminds me when I used to help start ponies for a school program back in Ontario and we used to take the ponies out in the back pasture, in the deep snow, and just….get on.  I mean I like to believe that my horsemanship has surely advanced in my later years but, it worked!  We had them going in no time and they all turned out to be awesome little ponies for kids. 


Do you have a horse now? If so, tell us about him/her


I have a few now.  I took a step away from show jumping last year and decided to lease out my lovely Emmy horse who is very loved by her kid now in the BC region.  So I bought myself a little QH as I wanted to learn something new.  So I acquired Harlie.  A small 14.3hh AQHA Dun Mare who I started.  She really gave me something special and new, she was so pleasant to handle and start and I learned all sorts of new things with her.  I have all intentions of learning to rope with her actually!


Tell us a fun and interesting fact we don’t know about you?


This is sort of embarrassing but, the truth is, I am afraid of balloons.  Yep. True story.  I am literally afraid of balloons and care to never even see one again if that was possible.  I am terrified of them popping and, yea, I prefer if they keep their healthy distance from me.


That’s that!  Hope you enjoyed the read.  Stay tuned because we have some Team Introductions coming your way!  I can’t wait to share with you the amazing people we have on our team and give you the chance to get to know them too.  Team Blue really does have the best crew! #TeamBlue #Antares #EQCustomProducts


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